I'm jealous of his female friend?

I'm not the type that worries because I know it doesn't get you anywhere but when it comes to the guy I'm dating, he has a close female friend. They spend a lot of time together, take pictures together and she seems to always make him so happy which is good of course but I can't help feeling jealous. I actually like her she is nice to me but they spend so much time together and have lunch together, I get jealous.. If what me and this guy have can move forward I feel like I need to stop feelings jealous. She has admitted to be once that she had a crush on him when he was younger. I've been there when she sits and talks about the guys she likes in front of him so I shouldn't worry but I am, she is smart, funny and successful.


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  • I have lots of female friend and my girlfriend has lot's of male friends as far as I know we're both okay with it we all hang together have days out etc .
    it seems to make and we can't really say you can't have that or this friend especially the friends we had before we met or know about each other.


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