Is he interested?

So I noticed this guy was flirting with me at college.. like he'd tap his feet to get my attention or sit real close and cough then when I looked he'd look me up and down and nod to his crotch area. I didn't know who he was until a few months later as he works where my ex used to. My ex was causing trouble and spreading rumours about me. This new guy even met my family and took pics with them for a party. Thing is I haven't heard from him since but why would he do all that stuff? He's moved back to the US near me I heard.


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  • He's playing the long game.

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    • Good point.

    • Thanks and thanks again!

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  • ... My ex was causing trouble and spreading rumours about me...
    Perhaps this guy got wind of what the "EX" had been spreading and this bozo even could have pulled him aside, who knows...
    If things were one way today and tomorrow you haven't heard hide or hair, then he is either turned off or has moved on to someone else.
    Good luck. xx

    • No this guy came to see me after hearing the stuff from my ex... then met my family and I noticed his friends have been looking at my website online too and sending friend requests? I don't add people I haven't met though.

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    • Yes his male friends.. although not sure why they'd be snooping on or trying to befriend me?

    • I am not sure but it seems they ind more interest in you than their friend. xx