He texted me 2 days ago and I didn't reply because I was angry with him what should I do?

there's this guy that I have been texting for 2 months, in the beginning he would initiate contact and i would respond after a while we got comfortable and I started iniating mostly after 1 month via text. Then I noticed his interest waning so i didn't iniate for 5 days so he texted me. Now we can go 5 days without texting. He intiates all the time. The problem is I have feelings for him, we have sexted and had phone sex, a few weeks ago, so I let all the communication to him however we planned to meet and go out on a date which he says he is too busy at work for now, I also get the impression that he is emotionally unavailable due to a past relationship. He calls me hot, how good I look, he can't understand why I am single. I dont want to seem too eager. He texted me 2 days ago and I didn't reply. I want him to want me. what should I do?


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