Kissing on the first date?

I read a post where the guy was complaining that his date didn't kiss him at the end of the first date. So, I was wondering, is it expected that there is a first date kiss? Would the guy feel rejected/uninterested if the girl didn't kiss him?

The reason I'm asking is because I've been out with this guy twice, and we haven't kissed. But to be fair, it's not because I don't want to but because I don't know if he wants to. He hasn't put this arms around me or held my hand or touched me at all. At the end of the date, he drove me home, I thanked him, said bye and walked inside. I don't know, am I doing something wrong?


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  • "At the end of the date, he drove me home, I thanked him, said bye and walked inside. I don't know, am I doing something wrong?"

    This is what you're doing wrong. Sit in the car, turn towards him, but don't move close until he does. When he moves towards you, move towards him. Unless he's really shy, he'll know that's the international signal for kiss me. If he is really shy gently bite your lip and give a little giggle, I would think even shy guys would get that. Maybe, I'm old fashioned, but I don't think girls should initiate the kiss.

    • Not quite sure about the giggling about but I'll give it a try next time...if there's a next time

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  • As a guy, I believe you should always kiss on a first date. But someone has to initiate contact, and if no one does then nothing will happen. He's probably a shy guy and when he sees this, it could make him feel even more saddened. I'm assuming he asked you out since he drove you home, but since he made the first move you have to make the 2nd. Don't be so damn shy yourself and just go and kiss him.

    As a woman, it's really your job to show that you care after the guy went through great efforts to be with you. I mean didn't he pay for dinner, ask you out, and drive you home? Can't you at least grow up and be a real woman and kiss him?

  • Sometimes both parties can be shy and unsure. Kissing on a first date isn't exactly expected. It's really based on how the night went.


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  • I think I read that same post and know it is not necessary..he probably hasn't done anything because he is shy or afraid too..try indicating that you want him to touch you so that he will feel comfortable with you and might even kiss you...

  • No, you aren't doing anything wrong. Some people are slow movers. (My Boyfriend was, for example.) He may be disappointed or even worried about it, but kissing is not mandatory.

    follow hos lead. If you keep saying yes to dates, he'll know you don't hate him.

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