Based on this description, would you find me attractive?

180lbs (abit of chub)
Mixed Race- Black, indonesian, indian
Hair is very much "nice hair" (thanks to the mix)
Big hands
Big Feet
Asymmetrical face (been told)
Funny guy (got a crazy sense of humour, Can easily make people laugh)
Receptive to vibes from people (can tell what they're feeling)
I do my own things my own way
No one tells me what to do
Love the water (anything related)
Easy to approach
I happen to touch peoples lives deeply (have friends from years ago still telling me they miss me, and everyones waiting back home)
All of the girls I dated wanted to be in a relationship with me

So? thoughts? For girls of course...


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  • A pic could help bro..

    • He said based on the description.

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    • does he sound attractive? and oh my goodness. if you don't understand then don't answer

    • @tthorpe16 weren't u da one who told me "looks don't matter"? so i put away everything looks-related and i told u my opinion bout his personality.
      hope u won't get offended but some1 cannot "sound" attractive. when we judge some1's personality we don't need a pic, just description, but if we talk bout looks (attractiveness) we need.

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  • you have to post a pic..

    • He said based on the description.

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    • Basically he is saying that not everything is about looks. He wants to know if you would find him attractive by his description, not by his picture. By him describing himself should let you know if you would find him sort of attractive or not. He isn't going to show you a picture because you will automatically say he is cute or ugly and not say how his personality is.

    • got it.. :)

  • Yeah you seem very attractive. not sure about the looks but by what you have said you seem like you would be a very good guy for a girl one day.


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  • Well not for me even if you were a girl sorry