Should I stay or should I go?

We aren't officially together but we are seeing each other, although not exclusively. We dated for a few weeks in February and started back up last month. He is from a different state and for his birthday a friend (who is female) flew over to see him. She's here until Monday. She had a crush on him and they have slept together before. He told me there is a possibility it will happen again. But he said they aren't together and won't be. He has also told me it is a big thing for him to admit that he would like me to be his girlfriend but that he still needs to take things slow with me. Yesterday was his birthday. I texted him and then later he called me saying he wanted to hear my voice. Later he texted asking when I was going to sleep because he wants to see me. He called me later just to ask what I was doing and said he would call again but never did. I just really miss him. I haven't seen him in four days. But I also feel weird knowing this friend is hanging out with him every day. They haven't seen each other (he hasn't seen any of his friends from back home) in a year. Should I just leave him alone for now or am I being played totally? All I know is that I feel hurt, confused and wondering if I should continue with him or not even through I really like him.


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  • chances r they might b seein each other more than friends since they hang out 2gether daily for 4 days


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