Keeping me arms length, Advice?

I have been talking to this man for almost 4th months and recently I ask him if he is only talking to me or other people and he told me that he is talking to me only. What I have realize that he dose not text me first anymore or does he call me first anymore as well and it is starting to bother me because it makes me overthink why. He told me that he doesn't like to text or even talk on the phone but talk in person and when we to hang out he we do talk but I work and I am busy so that and he get busy so it might a week or two before we hang out and I am starting to think that he is keeping me in arms length and I do not know if it is because his past because he was engaged but I do not want to use that as a excuse, I just need advice on handle this and our age are 33 which is him and I am 24.
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  • I would simply ask him. Communication is key.


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