Is it ok if I ask the guy I was dating if he's not feeling attracted to me anymore? or will it be needy or clingy?

Last date we went, he wasn't very affectionate as usual, and he asked me about what I was going to do the next day and I said I have classes and next day I asked him for his plans and he said I don't know maybe clubbing, but he normally says things like "see you" or spend time with u", and we are not holding hands anymore. I don't know if it's because he went on vacations and wanted to go with me but I couldn't because I didn't had the money. And we used to make out, but last time he was only kissing me not as passionate as always. I tried to asked him what was on his mind but he gave me an irrelevant answer about his plans for the day. I want to ask him if he is maybe not attracted anymore.


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  • guess not, since he might feel offended if u ask... anyway, better question would b maybe sth like:
    "y don't we hold hands anymore?"

    • u think? but I feel He doesn't like me, I still like him

    • oh i mean maybe he doesn't want u 2 believe he doesn't like u

    • thanks... :)

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  • It's alright to ask.