Sent fb friend request - didn't decline or accept? Help?

Cliff notes:
-So i've been casually talking ("hi how are you") with this new girl at my work for the past 3 months
-didnt start liking her till recently (was doing something with a diff girl since she started at my work, now i started liking this new girl)
-decided "eh why not" and sent her a friend request on fb (since its just fb. who cares?)
-Its been a week now, noticed she's been active on fb and hasn't accepted my request or declined it.

She doesn't totally dislike me or anything. before i even added her or anything, we'd occasionally have more then a "hi how are you" chit chat. sometimes on her break she'd come up to me and start a convo (again, before i added on fb). however it's extremely hard to see her or talk to her at work

What should i do? should i not care about the facebook thing and try to go out of my way to talk to her more?

Personally I think it would be extremely immature to give up and go no contact because she didn't accept my friend request... but its just facebook and she's accepted a couple other people from my work? This is just a grocery store part time job by the way, not a big corporate job

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  • Don't take it personally and just accept that she doesn't really see you as a close friend.

    • That's what I'm thinking. I haven't ever done or said anything wrong.

      How should I proceed from here? Just talk to her more? Anything else you'd suggest I might be missing?

      Also it seems like she's added a couple others that I doubt talk to her that much too, another reason why I feel a bit weary

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    • no no no no.

      i was dating a diff girl outside work that she did not know about.

    • Oh sorry for the misunderstanding. I guess just try to talk to her more.

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  • maybe she's not ready to see what happens. is she keen to talk to you? comfortable?

    • Sometimes I suppose. i kinda summed it up in the question.

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  • On the positive side... she accepted others on fb , that means she is seeing you differently , then others. Now she could of figured out you like her , so she didn't accept because she doesn't want to string you along or she likes you and is playing that immature game of trying not to be to eager or something like that... yup , I know , this wasn't very helpful , sry.