On trying to overcome some resistance a younger women had to dating an older guy?

i meet her at the beach , she started talking to me first and seemed interested in me , although at the time she had a couple drinks before i got there i found out later. but either way she seemed like a nice girl and was with a group of her gf's. but she seemed to have some resistance to the idea of dating anyone more than a few years older than her. and she kept asking my age and i didn't feel comfortable telling her rate away as i'm 30 and she'd be around 20 or bit younger , she also made a comment she didn't really want to date anyone over 25 . but she seemed to like me and asked many questions considering we had just meet randomly , but she is younger than me and although i felt she liked me i felt she had some issues with me being older than her and maybe not age of guy she was looking for even if i was type of guy she wanted


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  • Well if you care about someone age differential is really just numbers. In any case just trust her enough that she likes you for who you are and nothing more

    • I didn't say I cared about her age , she had an issue with my age as I'm older than her

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