Why did this girl tell a stranger she had not click with anyone from her dates?

So I have been going to see this girl for the past weeks, at least once a week. Each time I go over to her place, we always make out and have oral sex each time. I thought this meant that our relationship is going positive. She also smiles when we huge each other and tells me she misses me. However, she is still using the dating site that we have met on. Not only does she use it, she updates it and stuff. I was "Kind of stalking" her with this fake account I made. And here's where things get interested, since we are using Okcupid, it tell you who has visted your profile and she sends my fake account a message saying
"Why are you constantly looking at my profile and not messaging me? Although my profile says I am only interested in Mexican people, but we can still be friends."

So I got the bright idea of using this fake account and ask her how's her dating life and have she meet anyone? (I was half expecting her to somehow mention me) She told me she been on a couple of dates and none of them really clicked with her. Oh, she will only date Mexican and my profile is this average looking white dude so she is not interested. She even told me she is not interested in dating me. So there is no way she is trying to get a date out of this account.
WTF does this mean? We just saw each other like two days ago and she told me she misses me and shi@. She even let me touch her and kiss her (She was also on her period that day). Like WTF, is she playing game with me? Using me? I don't understand what she is using me for? I so far have not given her any gift or take her out to lunch, I only been to her house. So I highly doubt she is using me. Why would she tell a strangers that she have not click with any of her dates when she lets me go to her place.


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  • You can make out and go to third base with someone without feeling anything for them.

  • she's playing you.


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