Can a girl go from really liking you to hating you for acting insecure?

So there was this girl I have been on a couple of dates with. She use to snapchat me first everyday for a over two weeks and we would talk until she would fall asleep which would be for at least a few hours. We went on our second date and the very next morning I got a text from her and it was a picture of a panting class and I said we should do it and she said yes! But she stopped replying to my texts which she use to reply to very quickly so I sent a bunch of stupid texts like please answer me and she said she was just busy. And now I know she is busy if only I would have thought of that before. But now she has been VERY distant we haven't talked since last Monday. The last thing I heard from her was that she said I am busy and I will let you know when I have time.

So could a girl go from really liking you to hating you just for some stupid texts? When we are together it's always great and I would think that is would should count.


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  • I think the word "hating" is a bit drastic. I mean can she get a little overwhelmed yes but just give her a couple more days and if anything get some movie tickets or something and call her. Give off the impression of confidence. Don't say you're sorry or mention the texts just say "Hey I've been thinking of you. I got us some movie tickets for (blank) night at (blank) o'clock. What time do you want me to pick you up?" and also if you want to get a girl to come to you, you have to intrigue her. Everyone can't stand not knowing something so say you have some sort of surprise and get her a little treat. Something special that shows you care. Maybe her favorite flowers, or a birth stone. Anything that you know she'd like. That way you're not directly saying "I'm sorry" but you're showing it and therefore not overwhelming her :)

    • Well she made me a bracelet and gave it to me at the end of the second date so I actually already did make something for her and I told her I had something for her. The third date got canceled because somebody drove their car though the building we were having it in but she said she definitely wanted to go the next time they have the class. So I found out when they had the next class and asked her if she wanted to do it but that was like a month before the actual class so it was probably to early and she didn't reply to that text lol So I was going to ask again or whatever I don't even know how to show confidence because I always end up ruining relationships inadvertently.

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    • Oy! the struggle haha well anyways i wish you luck. Hey do you mind helping me out with my situation? You'll find the question in my profile. If you don't want to its ok thanks either way :)

    • Sure I'll try! Thanks for helping me and thanks for wishing me luck

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  • Simply... yes she can

  • Yep. Lesson to be learned: don't be a bitch.

    A woman's feelings for you can change on a dime. So learn how to maintain an image.

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