How back into dating after a ten year absence?

I haven't been on a date in a while. How long is awhile? Well, its been ten years. I have never been married, I have no kids, and I have no drama from old exes. Unfortuantely for me due to some serious health issues, I was very sick and weak for a long time, and didn't really have the stamina or strength or health to actively date, but thankfully now I'm back in the land of the living and have no clue as to how to approach this lapse in my dating history without getting so deep about my health or without scaring someone off. Would you be scared off on a first date knowing not only had I not dated for 10 years, but it was because of my health and what advice would you give for how I can handle a first date after all this time besides just going out there and going on date.

*Ahem, I meant, how do I get back into dating after a ten year absence? For some reason I deleted half the title...


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  • A main question many people will ask is to what extent the health issues are resolved. You could wait until after the first date to talk about that aspect of your past.

    I'd just do it. Lots of guys available. Divorced, never married. Get on a dating website. My aunt (in her late 40s) met her husband that way; great guy.

    I know it's a bit stressful but it's like riding a bicycle, I bet. You'll do great. Good luck!

    • Thanks. I appreciate your advice.

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