When I knew him I just broke up with my ex and was broken. I'm okay now. Me and the new guy didn't contact for a month, how can I recontact him again?

How can I infer to him that I'm not broken anymore?

We already began to text last night, I initiated it coz I need to sent him something via mail. We asked each other how's everything going, but nothing more. He didn't ask me out, me neither
When we just knew each other, he liked me a lot, but then he knows that I was still very sad, drink all day long, and broken, so he stopped contact me


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  • Just message him as you used to he'd find out himself.

    • When I texted him month ago I always asked him out for drinks then get drunk, and sad.. He doesn't like that, so I think I can't do that anymore..

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    • Thank you dear, you are so sweet and comforting, I hope it will work out

    • It sure would trust moi

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