Guys, My boyfriend and I were at his friend hous. his friend tried to have me go in br with him. My boyfriend said don't do that. what should be done?

Be. Meaning bathroom. I told his friend ummm nooooo! Beside his friend fifty years old. Gross. And I'm with Chris and no one else. Chris told him before we started fasting not to think of me like that. But his friend was drunk and doesn't seem to listen. Ehgat should we do?
Be= bathroom* before started dating.* what* sorry dumb auto correct


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  • When you are drunk you don't know what you are doing.
    So that is why you should avoid drinkers and drinking yourself, to avoid bad things from happening.

  • "go in br" = ?

    didn't get wot "br" means

    • Bathroom I was trying to make it shorter to fit everything

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    • My boyfriend done with that guy. The guy was mad cause my man told him off yesterday. Then goes to my guy brother job drunk and say that me and my guy turned him on making out. Almost got my possible future brother in law fired. my guy picked me over him. all good.

    • o_O

      anyway i don't think some1 would take him seriously judgin by yer posts

  • What the fuck am I reading?

    • My boyfriend friend went to the bathroom and asked me to go in with him. I said no. My guy told him before we were dating to not talk to me like that. He seem to not listen.

  • Fuck that shit!! I'd stay clear of his ass