Being single or being with someone and wondering if that really is "the love of your life, any thoughts on this?

I have been single for 4 years now. I absolutely loved my first boyfriend but he cheated on me and broke up, the second one was horrible, he was always around me, which got on my nerves and we had so many fights that i was/am actually happy to be single. so now there are 2 guys in my life and i am kind of unhappy.
i have known the first guy for almost 2 years now and we have been friends before we made out and we almost had sex but then he went on exchange for half a year and now he is back. i am not sure if i really like him. it is certainly not the kind of love i had for my first boyfriend, we have completely opposite political views which kind of bothers me and i think we hardly have any common interests but he really likes me and usually always acts really cute towards me

i have known guy no. 2 for a few months now, we have had a few nice dates but nothing has happened so far although i think he was kinda trying to kiss me last time. i like him but actually i also think that we don't really have a lot in common

this all bothers me because i don't want to have this kind of chaos, i don't want to break any hearts, i can't really decide, and i am not willing to go through this fighting shit again. i didn't really have a problem to be single the last few years, i was happy anyways, i was focusing on my studies and i have lovely friends and i never had to worry about anything because of a boyfriend. but as i get older and some friends have had the same boyfriend for years i wonder if i should start to worry (btw i am 22 and i am still a virgin) maybe life is like a highway and love is an exit and if you miss it you can't simply go back. e. g. how many single guys do you know who are about 27 years old? is it better to be single or to be with someone and wondering if that really is "the love of your life"
any thoughts on this?


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  • I am 23 and still single... I won't be for long... cause I am moving to another city... but even I am afraid of hurt...
    But I have to be in a relationship to know if she is really the one..! Or else I will be single for my life if I keep on fearing..

    I admit being single is awesome.. I have always enjoyed it too.. but you gotta take a step ahead... LOL 😊


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  • I think it's better to be single and right now focus on other things, like your school, career and so on. Keep away from relationships at least for now. Use this time to learn about yourself and if you have any standards for the kind of guy you want in your life, don't ever compromise on them, it is much better to stay single rather than leading a life of compromise.

  • It's better to be single imp


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  • better to be single.

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