I'm worried he is going to give up on me?

We've been together 8 months. we've made out and he's touched my breasts. He's been patient, but everytime we make progress in the physical sense I take a step back. Two weeks ago we had the perfect end to our date and then yesterday I spoilt it. I was acting really awkward for some reason which lead to him acting weird.. He attempted to kiss me twice and I basically sorta rejected him although I wanted to kiss him. So how can I rectify things with him? I really don't wanna lose him
I think at the back of my mind I'm worried he isn't a good guy although he hasn't given me a reason to think this. I have a lot of love in my heart for him and its been a long time since I've felt this way. I just need to learn to relax.


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    Post an update. And don't worry gurl, talk to him.

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    • 1. Not just confidence but you're also lacking trust.
      2. If you're going for a relationship then you need to realise that you should be confident and zealous. If you'll show him apathy, he'll take it as rejection.
      3. If you're afraid to have sex, discuss it with him. He will help you.
      4. You're having problems in kissing because you're scared that it'll lead to sex.
      5. Your doubts are justified but without any proof or history, it's stupid to make assumptions.
      6. Unfortunately, there's no way to find it out whether he's player or not. But he's really very patient tho.
      7. Start going on hangouts with him instead of dates. So that you will not be conscious about sex and your mind will be free.
      8. It will make you comfortablearound him and help you to know him better.

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