He removed some pictures he had with his ex? is it a good sign?

I'm dating a guy, we've been talking and going out for a month, when I added him on facebook he still has his ex on facebook and photos with her of a trip they had when they were together. But recently I went through his facebook and those pictures are no longer on his facebook nor his ex's facebook either (I stalked her too) but there are a few photos still with her that she may share on his biography when they were together. hemay be forgot removed it? but the others from their trips looks like are gone, is this a good sign?


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  • guess yeah, it means he wants 2 forget bout het, and focus on u

    • well, the pictures belong to her, but looks like it's not longer on his page or hers even. cuz I couldn't find them.

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    • that's what I think, but a few 2 or 3 pics are still on.

    • maybe they haven't removed em yet? or they r not vry personal?

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