How could I take things further with girl from pub I already have some connection with?

i first meet her a couple of years ago and developed a friendship with her since then but i've always been attracted to her and felt she was into me, however we have never actually dated , although i have tried to express interest in her and tried to make a connection with her outside of the pub that part has proved difficult. i do think this girl likes me , she is for sure single and doesn't appear to have any other guys of a serious nature in her life. i'm just having a hard time moving things forward and not just saying i'm frustrated we've never had sex , we've never done a lot of things either like an actual dinner date. and i'm just at point where i want something real and an actual girl to date not just chase around the bar that leads nowhere , any ideas how to take things further? or what i should be saying to her when i get the chance to talk to her next?


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  • Why can't you just ask her out for an actual date? Just say you really like her and enjoy your friendship but that you would like to develop into something more. How about dinner?

    • I guess our conversations have been so casual it never seemed like the right time to ask , she's also there with some of her gf's who sort of make it difficult for us to have one on one time

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    • I think you need to be more up front with this girl because it sounds like a lot of stuff you are doing is going over her head. I would try and separate her, be more direct and take it from there. Good luck with everything.

    • I agree we need to have a more in depth conversation away from her friends that leads to discussion of if we want to go on a date or do something outside of the bar sometime , we can't just hang out at pub forever if there is a stronger connection that could lead somewhere more

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