Do you think girls I know from restaurant will care that I hung out with younger hostess at beach other day?

i like to go swimming and was at this dock near the lake going swimming and ran into this group of girls who were sitting on the dock , the one sort of took interest in me for some reason and started talking to me and asking me all sorts of odd questions considering i had never meet her before , like if i was single , where i worked , asked if i was on snap chat and so on. she was a nice girl and all , and looked great in her bikini but somewhat of an age diff as i'm 30 and she was 18 , things sort of fell apart when she wondered how old i was and i was reluctant to tell her as she had said she wouldn't date anyone over 25 , but anyways nothing really happened between us and her and her gf's had also been drinking so i didn't take them that seriously. but she mentioned she started a new job as a hostess at a bar/restaurant i go to often and know and talk to a lot of the staff there , is some 20 something girls i know there and a couple i would be interested in dating . so i'm kind of wondering what they are going to think if they find out i was hanging out with the hot 18 year old hostess at the beach? if she mentions this at work or see's me in there and it comes out that we meet earlier?


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  • Talking to someone at the beach isn't a big deal. I think you're overthinking this.

    • true if we had just been talking casually , our conversation drifted to the idea of the 2 of us like dating , she like asked all kinds of questions about me , I'm really not sure how she brought that up or why she did so soon

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  • looks like your pecker may have screwed you over, you may have ultimately cock blocked yourself in the end now with the 20 somethings.

    • why do you say that? I think they already knew I was somewhat girl crazy and type of guy who liked younger women , although this girl is a bit younger than age I had been meeting at that bar so they might have an issue with this

    • man this sucks guys just want young ass...

    • the 20 somethings have nice ass too , there all good looking , this isn't about looks , it was something that just randomly happened , I didn't like seek her out and she made first contact and started talking to me , I think she was into me but felt I might of been a bit too old for her to actually date

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  • I doubt that is a big deal, you must look younger anyway, not every girl will think your to old to date

    • I do look younger , they might of though I was in late 20's maybe or even younger , nothing really happened with this girl anyways we only hung out although she was wearing a somewhat revealing bikini at time , that is sort of common though for girls her age in terms of style these days

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    • there is a picture of us together though , somehow her girlfriend took one of me and her beside my car as I was leaving , I haven't seen it yet but she is like beside me but were not touching , although she did put on a t shirt and shorts by this point not in bikini , the pic proves we meet I guess

    • Maybe this could work to your advantage , the other girls may look at it in a jealous way seeing that the young hottie was hanging out with you, girls can get caddy like that, might peak some interest in you more now. Good luck😊

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