Should I take this as a sign or am I over thinking?

This should be such an obvious answer to me. However, I'm extremely into this guy which is probably why I am questioning if I am over thinking this situation. I work with this guy and I have for some time now. A month ago his girlfriend left him for someone else. He confided in me about it and since then we have hit it off. He told me he wants to be the reason why I smile and that I deserve the best. He's also made his interest noticeable. Constantly flirting with me in front of everyone. We recently hung out and he held my hand in front of his friend and brought me out to this park with a gorgeous overlook of the city. We ended up hooking up before he brought me home. Now all the sudden he's been asking me to work the overnight shift with him and says he will give me a lift home afterwards. This is the third time he has asked me. I start working the overnight shift officially tomorrow and today he told me he was excited about it (he works that shift) but he wasn't smiling when he said it? He normally always smiles when talking to me. Also there was this girl who started working with us today. She is gorgeous, to say the least and she is a super sweet girl. He seemed to jump at the opportunity to help her today and it bothered me, though I tried my best to keep my hurt at bay. But it was after all this that he asked me to do the over night with him tonight. Does this guy seem interested in me from you guys point of view or is he just being over friendly because I am a coworker?


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  • Quit your job now. There's no way you're going to win this. And don't ever date a co-worker again.

    • I'm not quitting my job. That's out of the picture. Does he seem interested or no?

    • Interested? Yes, in both you and this other girl. Enjoy your shift.

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