Boyfriend coming for vacation with me during ramadan how should I act?

Hello , my boyfriend is Muslim but not really Muslim ( I feel like he only really Muslim during Ramadan which happens to be now) I know he tolled me he isn't going to do Ramadan with me and my family on vacation ( we are Christian ) but I still do feel kind of bad because you aren't supposed to kiss or more during this month. How would you guys say it? I feel like I'm breaking his holy month ( obviously he has to break his fasting but all the other stuff for example love I feel like I shouldn't be doing anything or should I relax about it?


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  • don't worry i believe he's not a hardore muslim, so he's ok wid it

  • He is the one who should know better. So if he is true or not true to his religion. It is his resposability and not yours.


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