When you tell a girl you like her, should you talk about her feelings aswel?

like tell her: i notice when we talk or walk, you like it and change. i think there's a MUTUAL connection.
I see it how you behave, talk etc...

Should you involve her or just tell her, about your feelings?


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What Girls Said 1

  • It may be better to ask about her feelings or express hope that ahe returns your feelings. I would personally see it as too presumptious of a guy to assume I had feelings for him unless they were very strong to begin with. So its a huge gamble to phrase it that way when she might not be strongly interested but still may be willing to give you a chance.


What Guys Said 1

  • if she asked bout my feelings sure... i'd not deny 2 tell of course

    • would you like say: i can see the potential in you etc?

    • i'd just say "i think bout u 24/7"... so simple... sh could get da hint