Im feminine and I feel not a lot of girls like that?

Okay so im sorry for posting one of these "Oh im never going to get a girlfriend, why me?" kind of posts that i see all the time. Im really not trying to do that. But anyways, im pretty feminine And i feel most girls want a manly guy. I've seen someone ask something about feminine guys before and a lot of girls said "If i was going to date someone who is feminine, i might as well date a girl" and it kind of got me down. and no im not gay despite what a lot of people may think. Im just not afraid of hiding the fact that im kind of girly, and i dont really want to pretend im some manly guy that im not just to impress a girl. So please be honest, have you ever met a girl who has dated a feminine guy or wouldn't mind dating one? Im not going to ask "Is there any hope for me" because then people will say "Im sure there's someone out there for you somewhere" Which is just what people say to make the person feel better about themselves


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  • I don't think feminine guys are less attractive than masculine guys. I actually like both types. How I choose someone is if they're considerate and loyal. As for other girls, a lot of my friends like feminine guys more because they're easier to talk to and care more about things they like. I'm not saying all feminine guys do, just some of the ones I've met. To answer you question, plenty of girls like feminine guys. Hope this helped!:)


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  • so wot makes u feel "feminine" and "girly" then?

    • The clothes i wear, i have kind of a girly voice, my body language

    • clothes can b changed easily
      "girly" voice though not-so-easily unless u pretend u have some "manly bass" voice which would make u look ridiculous, and they'll understand it's fake
      didn't get wot u mean by body language though

      anyway being "girly" isn't tragic, and there r gals who don't like "masculine" dudes anyway... also terms like masculine/feminine r really subjective bro... 8)

  • Don't worry too much about how they feel about you and just worry about how you feel about yourself

  • There are different kinds of girly..