Guys, Are any good bars with lots of cougars in the L. A area?

Question title sums it up.


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  • I think you need to go to the high-end, old-money places to find cougars, like Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey,

    I dunno dude. To be honest, I just gave up on that shit. Women in general are pretty hard to find, believe it or not. It's not as easy here as it is in other places. Tons of other guys I met have said the same thing.

    But yeah, if you do bars in those areas I mentioned I think you'll have a little luck. Only been around there a few times tho as I am not very affluent lol. I don't do clubs so I can't help you there.

    • I read somewhere that there is more single guys than girls on the west coast while there's more single women on the east coast than men.

    • Thanks I'm going to look into it.

    • @octavius

      Yes, I read the same thing. Those same reports show the concentration of women in the South Bay area, where the beach is and that is true. When you go out to the South Bay (Manhattan, Hermosa, Redondo) you'll see there are a TON more women there than anywhere else in LA. The catch is, even though there are a ton more women it still works out to a 50/50 ratio of women to men lol!

      So yeah. Don't go out on the town in LA with expectations unless you're REALLY good looking. The single women that ARE out there will make a bee line straight for the good looking/tall guys. I've seen it a million times. The guys literally sit there or stand there by themselves and put in no effort. That's what the scene is like down here in LA. This has even happened to me and my friends... They are the good looking ones, not me lol. But they are also married. These chicks come up to them every night we're out without fail.

      It is what it is man. Can't cry over spilled Guinness, am I right?

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  • I don't know of any specific place that has lots of cougars in LA, just go clubbing or bars dude and there's tend to be one

  • The L. A. Zoo seems fitting.

  • Fubar, place is choc full of desperate Cougars looking for a good time

    • That's a gay bar isn't it?

    • No, it has that reputation due to the Cougars bringing all of their gay friends, but trust me bro there is plenty of Cougars waiting for action there

    • Cool I'm going to look it up haha

  • Why is your mom looking young cock?

    • I was trying to find the name of the bar I found your cock hungry mother in. I forgot to ask for her number before leaving her bedroom.

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