I don't know what to do... I feel like I should walk away?

We met through friends at a party. His friends told me how he said he felt he was too stupid for me and was intimidated by me (didn't want to come on too strong), so I text him first. I also called first after we had been talking. I went to the beach and he disappeared for a few days, later telling me he was wanting to give me space. I mentioned that I was the only one making moves (in a joking way) and he stepped up and asked me out. He said he had something to do and might be done by that night. If a man wants to make time for you he will and I don't wait on "maybes" so I made plans. He didn't even mention it that night and wouldn't come to hang with me at our friends. It was just odd. Last Friday our friends threw a joint party for me and another friend. He came. We flirted. He got offended that I hadn't mentioned it was my party too and asked if I was going to mention my birthday plans to him? He said I could text him anytime when I said we hadn't talked much = why I hadn't mentioned it. It threw me off and I said maybe. We slept next to each other on the loveseat that night, but he didn't make a move. I was kinda turned off by it. He ignored my message the next day and didn't reply for 24 hours, which was unlike him. I didn't reply to him at all. He text me Happy Birthday later that week. I said thanks and we talked a little. (I was passing by where he worked for once and brought him ice cream... on my birthday too.) I was telling him about MY birthday party Saturday so he wouldn't be upset that I didn't and joked that our friends said we could go skinny dipping after they went to bed. He said I was pushing his boundaries, joking. I told him I was done making moves and it was a joke. He said "Moves? I asked you out!" I told him he said maybe and didn't follow through. He said hanging with friends wasn't a date and to let him know when I was free. It just feels like I have to force him to ask me out, or bring it up. 😔 I think I should end this BS. Advice?


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  • Give up. Seems like he's playing games with your mind.

    • I know and a guy put on another question that I was like every other girl and that was why he was losing interest in me? I feel like I'm just being emotionally available and he's not. There's nothing wrong with being forward, but when you're the only one doing it... something's wrong with the equation.

  • Yeah walk away, he either has no balls or is playing games.