Will he ask me out again?

This guy I really like from work just asked if I had plans for Sunday, and if not, let's make some. I responded that I would love to get together, but I'm out of town Sunday (which is the truth , I'm not just playing games). Do you think he'll take that as a rejection or see if a day this week will work? I don't want to end up making the plan, so I wanted to see if he'd further pursue it. would you ask if another day worked in this situation?


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  • I feel like you should have said not Sunday but another day you were available that week. Some guys could take it as nice rejection!

    • Hmm even though I said I'd love to? Shoot well how should I fix this?

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    • Good point thank you! So when I see him on Monday is it acceptable to say I do want to go out, let's do sometime this week?

    • most defiantly, Id want that said to me!

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  • after you said ur out of town u should have asked to reschedule to a different day

    • Any ideas for how to fix this? I really like him I don't want him to take this as a rejection

    • maybe ask him out sometime later when you have free time?

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