Is it still important to do the whole introduction of yourself to a girl's parents?

Last thing I need is to go over that interogation style again (another stupid guy telling me he's served in the military and applying threatening methods) and feel pressured into making a promise to stay with said girl forever. If a relationship comes to an end then it simply wasn't meant to be. It's not always the guy's fault when that happens. Doesn't mean he never loved her either.

I haven't done this since HS. The girl I'm currently seeing is a 19 year-old in college (I'm 21, also in college). Nope, haven't met the parents yet and sometimes we sneak at night in each other's house.


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  • It is important. The family accepting you is important to your partner

    • Thank you for your opinion. No doubt I would have to introduce myself at some point if this begins to get serious. However, it would be cool if the introduction and normal and no hassles, no none that overbearing ''every single guy is bad news'' dad threatening the guy. I'm tired of that already. Why should I have to tolerate someone that's not even going to try being polite with me and treat me like a normal human, not some ''omg, you creep, what you want with my daughter''.

    • you are making your own trouble. You have decided that the reception would be negative before it has even happened

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  • I would if you want to get on the good side of them

    • Sure but it's silly how some girls' parents, especially the father think that just because their daughter is in a relationship with him or if a girl lost her virginity to the first guy... the relationship has to be the only one she has and the guy is now forced into making a permanent commitment such as marriage or he's hated... even the girl herself breaks up.

    • I'm ok with being on good terms with them but nothing over the top with that ''scaring the guy'' technique.

  • I think if you respect yourself and your girlfriend yes you do.

    • I wouldn't mind a normal, calmed introduction without that ''I'm in the military btw'' scaring the guy method.

    • I hope that's what you get, a nice normal welcome and nice to meet you, not the overbearing father that things all guys are bad for his daughter. Haha, you may understand one day if you have a daughter;)

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