Why is my ex girl friend getting so mad?

This girl I was dating for about 4-5 months broke up we me about 2.5 weeks ago. I accidently called her by mistake but hung up. she text me saying you ok? and then sent another one saying you ok? you mss me? with loads of kisses. we sent a few texts and it came out that I took this girl out only as friends! and she's gotten really really jealous and asking if she's petty, and got mad saying I took her to "our place"! why is she being like this? I still really like my ex and would have her back if there is a chance? but I dont know if she wants me back or is hurt that I moved on so quick? she said you couldnt of liked me if you are seeing someone else so quick. I told her we both knew I liked her alot! and she said she missed me? What should I do. The last text I sent was saying why does it matter what she looks like we are only friends. she hasn't replied. Im so confused?


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  • She is jealous and still loves you obviously. And yea a lot of girls would react like that i think. She thinks you moved on just in 2 weeks so she concluded you never loved her, just as you assumed. She is most probably heart broken and helplessly showing it with anger. I think she is understandable..

    • I really want her back. do you think there is still a chance?

    • Yes i believe so. But you need to make sure she understands that other girl could be nothing more than a friend and that you still love and care for your ex. Seems like you guys didn't really break up but something like taking a break. That move must made her disappointed so you should work on her trust in you. But if she sees your sincerity i think yes you will be back together again i think :) good luck!!

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