New relationships and families?

I really like this guy and i think he likes me too, problem is i don't know if i fit with his family.
His last girlfriend was so close to them and like them, they were together for a long time and she was his first girlfriend.
They are fairly well off, always organised and put together, follow society expectations.
He does sport, so did she, so do they, i'm useless and uncoordinated.
She used to cook for him, but i'd probably poison him.
I can give him great sex (but i'm afraid he'll compare that too), laughs, intellegent conversation and a whole lot of love!
I'm just afraid that I won't be able to be the girlfriend he wants and what they want because sometimes i'm not that put together.
I'm also embarrassed about my family.
We aren't very close, but they are weird, nerdy, the house always smells like dogs and i swear half the time my dad forgets to shower. Yuck!

So basically, what do i do to not be intimidated by his family, not be compared to his last girlfriend, and what do i do about my own family?


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  • Stop trying to compare yourself with his past ex girlfriend. He is with you now for a reason and it'll take time before you actually connect with his family


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  • You can not do anything but change yourself. Seems to me you're the one who's doing all the comparing and it has a lot to do with insecurity. He's not with the ex he's with you now... so everything that was between the two of them should have no bearing on your relationship

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