Is this a sign, second chance, or me overthinking?

After a year and a half of no contact and having no thought of her in mind I get matched with my former crush. I met her in a class and barelyt talked to her until we were in a group for a project. I then found out she had a boyfriend at the time I backed off knowing I had no chance. After a year and a half of change I (i lost 50 lbs and have grown as a person in general) I get matched with her and she was my top match in the #1 spot, by the site. we don't often get second chances and feel this is mine. The problem is this has made me extremely nervous and I'm constantly over thinking. While I'm planning on focusing on just having fun the first date the fact that I have no prior dating experience is freaking me out. Is this a legitimate concern? does prior experience matter? Came here to clear my head and see if people have any helpful advice for this situation. Alsoh has something similar ever happened to you? If soI'd like to hear your story.


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  • Yes, It's actually happening to me right now, I've had this crush who we had the usual situation with & We both got so attached, though! She was playing the stupid mind games, and We took a break last summer because all the stupid shit she was doing (Well I took the break from her) Then It sucked because i would see her in college, she would sometimes walk right past me & it sucked so bad, knowing the girl even though never went out with shared so much shit with doesn't exist. about 6 months or so, I needed her in my life, weather to be a friend or not, we both apologized and became friends, & to this day This girl will be the only closes girl to me. Lmao I hadn't seen her in like half a year, and next Friday i'm going to a birthday dinner & i know for-sure she's gonna be there. As for the round two option you were asking, I don't think she should get a round two man, I realized this girl over the past month that I've talked to her again, i feel like she's still the same mind playing bitch i once met, but just because their a bitch doesn't mean i can't keep them in my life ! But overall man, There's always that one girl out there going through the same thing as us, knowing in the end, That's are soul mate! Good luck bro!

    • So true there are some people you just don't click with romantically but need in your life. I have a beautiful and amazinng female friend of mine but we just don't click. I kfind her physically attractive and like her as a person just not as a person I'd date. As for your situationdo think iits great you still want to remain friends. Most guys underestimate female friendship.

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  • nope u shouldn't feel nervous... all u need's 2 tone down yer nervousness when u go out for a date bro

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