How do you deal with the thought of knowing there's someone you can't have?

This is purely hypothetical, but suppose you liked someone, doesn't matter, guy or girl. You're friends, but you want to be more and the other person isn't/won't/can't be available. Do you end the friendship, or do you wait and hope for a better outcome in the future. I have my own thoughts on this, I'm just curious as to what others think.


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  • Lament in solitude at my misfortune, listen to sad songs, act happy, get lost in my thoughts, then I'd get over him.

    I don't necessarily end the friendship nor hope for a better outcome in the future, but if the opportunity pops in, why not?

    • Yup yup. I've done that. In this case, it really *is* hypothetical, just something that came to mind. But thanks for answering. :)

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  • You be grown up about it and respect their decision. If you really are a friend you will respect their decision and not be bitter about it.

    • A good answer, somewhat in line with my thoughts. As I mentioned, though, purely hypothetical. Just something that came to my mind.

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