I miss him but I hurt him. Now he is cautious about me. But he still talks with me if I text him. Guys how to message him more and ask him out again?


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  • Well that's quite dependent upon what you did, unfortunately.

    Me, I have very rigid rules for dating to ensure that both me and my partner are always on best behavior. So it's unlikely I would continue things if she behaved in a hurtful manner.

    But again, what you did matters.

    My suggestion? Apologize for whatever it was you did, and you ask him out, rather than hoping he'll ask you. Show him a little investment.

    Successful dating requires some vulnerability.

    • thank you.. I sent you a personal message

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  • Famous last words
    ! I miss him but I hurt him... you can't just message him to make up for hurting him. You have to explain why you hurt him, and how you will avoid doing that in the future, if you want him to take you seriously.

    • I already explained. Then we didn't contact each other anymore. Now it's been several weeks already. Some days ago I messaged him, he still kinda care about me. Should I ask him out? How?

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    • Sure, I won't mind a bit

    • hm I can't send you personal message now, can you follow me as well? so u can message you. I've already followed you

  • How did u hurt him then?

    • Well, 2 month ago when we first met, we like each other a lot, we dated several times and want to take things seriously. But I just broke up at that time so always got drunk, wasted, talking about my ex. In the end he is not texting me anymore. Now that it's been a month we didn't contact each other, I started to text him again last night coz I need to sent him something via mail. We chatted a bit briefly but I didn't ask him out and he neither.

    • guess u should then, if he's still contactin u, means he's not mad at u anymore

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