Girls, Nudes from Guys your are Flirting / Dating?

if you were flirting with or dating a guy, but he was not your Boyfirend yet... Would like it if he sent you nude pics?

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  • Yes, but only if he has a sexy body
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  • Eh, this is tough one. On the one hand, I would like that, cause if the guy is hot and I like him, the nudes can be such an amazing thing. But, on the other hand, if he's not my boyfriend YET, but it's very likely that he will be, I'd much rather see it all in person first, way more exciting.

    • We only get to see each other like 2 days each couple weeks because we are about 300 miles apart if that means anything to it

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  • it really depends on the whole situation. how close we are and all that good stuff...
    but i think i'd like it. sending dirty pics can be super fun

    • We are pretty close to having titles I think, she's mentuoned liking my body a few times

    • maybe ask her before just sending it. might kinda thro her off if you send one out of the blue and she doesn't like it?
      or do it kinda flirty. like send her a pic of ur face and say with a winky face... wanna see more ;)
      then just go from there. she might like it, she might not. some girls dont like nudes.

  • i dont think i will..

  • I don't want to see your penis unless we're in the bedroom, ok?

  • Only if I asked him to. If a guy randomly sends me a nude I'm going to be pretty disgusted. But if I've already sent him some, I expect some back!

  • Only if I asked
    Otherwise I'd never talk to him again, creeps do that

    • How often do you ask?

    • I never have. Only a boyfriend

  • Nude pics are a huge turn off on guys :/

  • i don't think so… i prefer to remember and than be happily surprized every time i see him in flesh. though if you have a good body or muscles or so wouldn't mind having some pics to show my bffs ;)