I haven't seen these girls for a couple weeks , do you think they though I was avoiding them?

they worked / hung out at a restaurant /bar i go to , i just haven't been there in a couple weeks since i last talked to them and sometimes i'd be in there more often so wonder if they though i was avoiding them. was a country music night at this bar we all sometimes go to tonight and the one had asked a couple weeks back if i was going? and i told her i was but haven't seen her since. i'm just not sure if maybe they think there is someone else or that i'm not interested in them enough to drop by and see them? but i fo like them just wasn't around that part of town or busy


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  • i think i remember u... but u never mentioned they worked there be4...

    • might of seen questions from me before , know some different girls , some just go to bars for fun and this group works at a specific restaurant but also goes to some of the same bars I do , I meet them last summer so we've know each other for a little while

    • guess next time u see 'em u should ask for their # or their Skype so u won't get lost i believe

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