I'm worried about this girls drinking problem?

i've known her since she was younger , she had always wanted to be part of the bar scene , well now she is and works at a pub. and she parties a lot and is good looking so has a lot of access to alcohol. but not sure she can handle things as well is she thinks , i've seen her pretty wasted at the bar. and when at the place she works , i was there and over the course of a couple hours i saw her do 3 shots and in process of drinking a twisted iced tea. she eventually stopped when she pointed out to other girl she had to drive home. and she also mentioned she had been pulled over twice i'm assuming recently by the police for impaired driving but wasn't charged either time just got questioned. i'm really worried about her after hearing about this and what i saw , she's a fun girl and enjoys to drink and even bartending at a wedding this weekend but i'm just concerned for her well being , her sister also had a serious drinking problem and over consumed alcohol so thinking it might be genetic or a social thing is reason for her problem


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  • it is nice that you care about her.. but she is an adult.. and i m not sure if there is anything you can do here.. try talking to her about this..

    • we live on the same street so I could offer her a ride home from the bar if she had been drinking , I think legally here at her age she isn't allowed any alcohol in her blood when being tested with a breathaliser test for impairment so even a couple drinks and she could get charged , but I don't really know if she'd accept my offer or want to ride with me in my car , I realise she is going to drink at a party if she wants to at that age

    • then you should let her do what she wants.. you cannot do much here..

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