College Dating? I don't think so?

So I will be attending FSU soon (Go Seminoles!✊) and I've been thinking about how I'm going to approach new relationships once I get there. I am solely focused on perfecting my studies once I get up there. But a little piece of my conscious is nagging at my head about the relationships I will attain up there. I mean, the real problem is I DON'T really want to attain any relationships while I'm away at school. I know in college, its a new, diverse culture and you're bound to meet new people. And I currently am involved with someone now, and I don't want to lose him while I'm away (it's probably inevitable; but a girl can dream, can't I?). But before you say "just go to school close to home", in my defense, FSU is my dream school and they have great programs and its a miracle that I was admitted. And I value my education and future more than the risk of being with someone that doesn't want to make it official.
But my main question is I don't want to get involved with anyone new and I don't want to let go of my current beau who I've been seeing for about 8 months now. I think it would be unfair to tell him to wait for me.
And I'm rooming with one of my friends, and she is a partier. So I know I will be dragged into some of her "adventures"... Don't want her to get date-raped or something. This can cause for new friends... So.
How do I avoid exposing myself to the new college pools of thirsty boys/men even while I dread the possible end of my hometown lover?


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  • Don't worry about it too much. Let the chips fall where they may. If it's meant to be, you guys will still be together. If not, then you won't. You're young & starting college. You will have a ton of new experiences that will eventually change & shape you as a person. A year or two from now, you may be wondering why you were even so worried about this.


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  • Keep an open mind through college because you never know, you could actually find a pretty decent guy. If you do, then you can break up with your hs boyfriend. You never know, your boyfriend could break up with you so just remember to keep an open mind you're still young and the chances that you will spend the rest of your life with your hs boyfriend are low.. Best of Luck!