All the signs were there but didn't want to go out for coffee?

He's shy around me, gets nervous, stare a lot, his friend kept teasing me about him, about me and his freind being a couple etc .

But when I asked if he wants to go out for coffee, he said no. (any other answer than yes, I consider a "no".)

What could probably happen? Did he lead me on? Is he denying?

What happened? I'm so confused and sad!! :(


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  • Keep trying. He will still say no to avoid the pressure and awkwardness that follows going out with someone. His shyness is a barrier that must be knocked down. It can be multiple layers that may need multiple attempts to get him to say yes. Just be patient with him.

    • Im not going to run after him...

      Did you ever pursue a girl after she said no to you?

    • Ok, if you already have in your head what your plan of action is, why come on here and waste everyone's time? If you aren't chasing him then who gives a fuck what he is thinking? Forget him and move on then, geez!

  • Maybe you misinterpret he's shyness that he's interested in you

    • his friend told "he really likes you" every conversation i had with his friend he used to talk about him.
      When ever I talked to other guys he used to look my direction, stare a lot sometimes i caught him look away.
      It wasn't only that he was shy around me.

    • Maybe he said no because he was intimidated by you or he was too nervous

    • could be... I'm just so confused!

      Thank you for answering! :)

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