Can he really just forget to call?

We hit it off Monday, (at first, I wasn't all that conversational because I'm used to being the object of non-serious flirting, but I warmed up when he kept me talking,) he asked my name and other personal questions, we talked some more, I got his number, three days later I called, he asked me out for that night before I even mentioned meeting up, (I was busy though, but I asked how the rest of his weekend looked and he said it was open), then he hurriedly told me his landlord was calling (he mentioned at the start of the conversation that there was a crisis of some sort and he could be evicted?) and said, "I'll call you right back," and now it's two days later and he still hasn't called.

Rationally, I know I should wait for him to call, especially because he had no problem flirting (right?), and he could be homeless right now and thus have a lot to deal with. Given the situation, is it possible he just forgot to call? Would it be OK to text him at some point?


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  • I think it would totally be okay to text him and ask if everything is all right, just like you would for a friend.

    • Thanks, I did and it worked out pretty well! I'll spare you the details, but we ended up talking for a little over an hour (there was some phone tag, so I know he at least wanted to talk to me). New problem: we made vague plans to hang out tomorrow on tuesday, and he said he'd call me wednesday but didnt? I'm fairly sure he's interested since he really wanted me to meet him tuesday (I couldn't) and we made vague plans for saturday, plans he was supposed to call to solidify. What's going on?

    • Well if he's spending over an hour with you on the phone, he sounds sincere. And just be understanding that it's a difficult time for him; a guy will often feel bad about a promise he can't keep, like agreeing to hang out when he can't. I know what it's like... If he seems like a good guy to you, just be a little patient and let his actions speak louder than his words. You can call and ask what happened, and as long as it's not his habit to ignore you, it's cool. Hope all works out! : )

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