What should I do with this confusing boy?

Okay my boyfriend and i broke up because he would go abroad this summer (it is silly i know but that was what he wanted). He went abroad and he will stay there for 2 months. He is in a summer school. Even though we broke up he texted me regularly. He also called me cutie and things like that even though we are not together anymore. Then after one week he started not to text me. He was online on whatsapp but wouldn't text me. Even though i was pretty upset about it, i didn't show it at all. I didn't text him either. After one day he texted me saying "why dont you care?" And then we talked. He started all the conversations. I never texted him at first but i always answered. He tells me about the parties he goes and the girls. I never show him that i am jelaous. I had a lot of men asking me to date after we broke up but i dont tell him everything. Does he try to make me jealous? Then he called me one day and he did a really rude thing. He spoke with me max 5 minutes then he started to chat with his roomate. I waited him to stop it for 20 minutes! Then i ended the call. Then he texted me "cutie, beauty, good night." And i only texted good night. I dont know but his behaviors really annoys me. If you ask me why i still talk to him, it is because we were so close and we dated for 9 month and i really get used to him. It is not easy to just stop talking with him. But not my love is not as strong as the beginning. It is still losing its power. But i dont know i kinda need him to text me. Do you think he still loves me and does all these things to make me jealous or not?


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  • yeah he wants 2 make u feel jelly, and maybe i believe he might met some 1 else during his summer school maybe.
    maybe he wanted 2 break-up wid u, before startin summer school?

    • Yes he wanted to break up with me before starting the summer school. It can be because he wants to be free while he hangs out with other girls.

    • He could do this already, yet i believe it's kinda mean sayin stuff like "cutie, beauty, good night" just 2 piss u off

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  • He still loves you.