How the hell is it creepy to offer a women I know in person to go on a date with me if I am ugly?

NO ESCORTS OR HOOKERS. I am talking about women I know personally. I would offer them money to go on a date with me. And no I don't want sex or kissing. Just a date. I have posted about this here before and people have called me a creep for doing that. How is it creepy if ugly guys have no other choice? Women reject them nonstops on dates.


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  • Like I said there's a website for that man. Just search it up in google and no they aren't escort or hookers

    • Alright, why do people say it's creepy to offer women money to go out with you. Ugly guys have no choice.

  • becuase its pathetic that you value women so much you would pay them just to spend time with you. its like paying for friends... a woman has to WANT to spend time with you. there are plenty of women out there who will gladly take you money let you buy them dinners, etc.. and at the end of the day they will ZERO respect for you as a man. if your cool with that then go ahead and pay

    • Did you miss the part saying I am an ugly guy?

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    • What is an ugly guy supposed to do? Tell me man?

    • save up for surgery make yourself better looking