I'm 23 and my parents doesn't want me to stay at a friend's house?

I don't earn enough money to move yet. But it's on my plans, so I told my mom that two more friends are gonna stay at this friend's house after going to a party, and because I didn't want to spend on a taxi cab and she said talk with your dad. I feel so annoyed because of this. Probably my dad will say " I give you the money" but it's more the fact that they don't allowed me to stay somewhere else's place.


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  • Why the hell do you ask them? It's none of their business. If you ask them, you give them the opportunity to tell you no.

    • I actually didn't ask, I was inform them. my mom took it as a question. I was inform, cus i know they worry.

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    • Are you sure they were not just giving you the money so you could come back if you so chose? If they prefer you come back home, it's different than if they order you to come back. One is concern, the other one is abuse of power...

    • at the end I stayed, but they wanted to take me to my friend's so they could see where I was going to. They think they can treat me like this because I live in their house so it's their rules, and I get it but I'm older enough to make my own decisions, if not how am I suppossed to learn?

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  • Their house their rules. Sorry

    • yeah, but my brother can come home the next day and they don't give a shit. they will only ask where were you. it's sexist.

    • They are more protective of their little girl.. Yea in their eye you are

    • That's no reason to indulge them. She needs to cut the cord.

  • There's nothing you can do. You might be an adult but you will in their house so you have to live by their rules.

    • Yes, but why would their influence extend outside the house?

    • it's unfair and sexist, that my brother came home the next day and they don't even say a word.

    • @asker I agree, it's not fair.

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