Would this make me less of a man if I'm intersted in marrying a woman two years older than me?

There's this woman who I just met recently through a co-worker at his home (which is out of my current city residence). She's a very sweet, lovely, beautiful, mature, maternal and just very laid back woman who's hardly ever negative in her mood. She's the type of lady who hardly ever expect much from a man. She's also the type of woman who can be a very nice, kind-hearted gentle lady while at the same time, have her fun side such as partying every once in a while when she can. However, the problem is not only is she two years older than me, she also lives about 2 hours away from my house (I live in Mesa, AZ while she lives in Tucson, AZ).

Now, I absolutely don't mind driving all the way to Tucson for the weekends to visit her more but I don't know if she doesn't mind being in a relationship with a younger man like myself. I'm quite mature for my age (I'm 19). I still live with my parents but I work, go to college and do my extracurriculers. I mostly support myself for my bills and school tuitions so I'm just wondering.
So for you ladies older than 19 years old, would you think of me as less of a man for this reason.

Does this make

  • No, of course not. .
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  • Yes. That means the older the woman is, the more likely she has more life experience and more income than you, thus making you a beta male.
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  • Who cares about what everyone else thinks. As long as the two of you are happy together. Besides, most women regardless of older or younger age don't really expect much from the men they look for in a relationship.
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  • Of course not.


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  • You both are young enough that age doesn't really matter too much. People can be mature or immature at any age, so if you're dating a younger woman you still have to make sure she's mature.

    The biggest thing to be careful about concerning age is having kids. If I was 25 I wouldn't mind dating a 30 year old woman if she was the right woman, but at almost 30 I would be hesitant to date a 35 year old woman because I want to have several kids without being rushed into marriage. But if you're 19 and she's 21, you don't have to worry about being too old for kids anytime soon.