He said I'm suffocating him?

I didn't realise he felt that way so I feel like a bit of an idiot.
he's not my boyfriend were just seeing each other, but I guess looking back I've been pretty clingy/demanding unnecessarily.
Im not that kind of person at all so I'm really embarrassed that it's come to this.
Last night I said something and it ended up like a serious talk after we had sex for the first time the other day. It got a bit weird and just ended up unnecessary- so I messages him today saying let's forget about it and hang out later if you're free. That's when he said 'wow you're literally suffocating me'

Obviously I'm not going to fix things by messaging him lol
But we get along well and I don't want it to end.
Is the only thing I can do just give him space and wait to see if he will message me?
Then if he does give me a chance just be more self aware


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  • If he feels that way, all you can give him is time and space


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  • Give him space and see what happens. But don't change who you are for who he is. You need to be your own person, too.

  • Give a week and start talking to him again.


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