How to tell the difference between a guy who likes you and a guy who likes you too much?

-he keeps texting sexual things he'd do to me
-he made it way to clear he's into me when we haven't met in person yet
-he keeps telling me I'm so perfect and that I deserve the best ( which is sweet but having not met me yet and saying that is a little weird)
-he talked about that we would makes beautiful babies and he used a bride and ring emoji

Oh and he keeps calling me baby boo princess


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  • Yeah, uhh I understand crushes texting people they like a lot...

    But this is creepy. I suggest blocking him because he sounds kind pervy.

    • I'm in too deep...😔

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    • I gave it to him I didn't think he would be so sexual with me and like me so much.. He actually seemed like a genuine guy at first who thought I was pretty

    • No Instagram but we've talked about ourselves to eachother

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  • dont go near this guy fucking weirdo

    • Really? Is it that bad? I don't know what to say I'm in too deep

  • Wow I would say 1234 are all indicators block that loser.


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  • Girl, I'm also "dating" a guy I haven't met in person yet, and everything I ask about him people say he's super strange. How long have you been talking to this guy and how far from you does he live?

    • 1hr only like 5-6 days

    • Ok wow, the guy I'm talking to online I've been for a year and we live 1600 miles away from each other... It's hard to end things (I know) but if you want to you're just going to have to do it!