Will you be happy if she contact you again after a month later?

We like each other a lot when we first met 2 months ago, we dated several times and want to take things seriously. But at that time I just broke up, so I couldn't get over my past though I liked him a lot, so I always got drunk, wasted, talking about my ex. In the end he is not texting me anymore. Now that it's been a month we didn't contact each other, I started to text him again last night coz I need to sent him something via mail. We chatted a bit briefly but I didn't ask him out and he neither.

Guys, do you think he would like it if I tell him that I'm over my past already? And how should I tell him? How should I ask him out again? Thank you!!

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  • Thanks for your opinion on my letter :).. In my opinion You should ask him and be honest with him. Tell him exactly what you were feeling. Maybe something like this.

    "Hey I just want you to know that I'd really like to go out with you again. When we first talking I was really enjoying things with you but I was still going through some emotional problems from my breakup and I made an ass of myself by talking about him and all but I realized that i was just hurt and my confusion about my past really wasn't worth losing you over... Anyway not to get into that again i just want you to know that i really enjoy spending time with you and getting to know you and i would love to have the chance for us to try things out again without me sabotaging it for a dumb ass reason. Im not trying to make excuses for my poor choices and really I regret acting the way I did with you and I hope i didn't ruin any potential between us. Anyway if you're free to hang out id be happy to see you again :). And if not I understand and I'm sorry if my insecurities about the past made you feel like shit or that I didn't care about you"

    Anyway thats just a rough idea cuz im not sure what the situation is exactly or how you speak to eachother so just edit it to how you would word it! :) i hope everything works out and keep me posted im curious... Im a life & relationship coach so im interested to hear the outcome :)

    • hi thank you, I sent u a personal message :)

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  • If my girl contact me back.. yes, i will b super happy.. but in ur problem.. It´s up to him. If he still love u , miss u n still the same guy u´ve met.. he will. But... a month? It is long enough to change a person. But.. tell u what.. if i want my girl back, i will do anything.. anything.. whatever it takes.. no hesitate n trust ur instinct.. but, it will hurt u if u lost..

    • thank you for sharing your feeling darling.

      I know you and him are different types. Though he liked me a lot, he indeed said that he didn't want to get involved into complicated things, so I can understand why he didn't make any effort. It also means that he won't wait for me if he has any chances to be with other nice girlss.. but even if he didn't have another girl in this months, I still don't know if he would be happy if I contact him again. Coz I know although he liked me a lot, he was not happy when he was with me, and he's such a smart guy, so he would understand everything that I've done..

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    • Instead of texting.. try call him. Talking each other with ur own voices will b closer to both of u.

    • a month ago I already explained myself more than once, but I was still drinking a lot, got drunk, cry.. so I think he kinda doubted if my words are reliable or not.. but anyway that was a month ago. So now I don't have the courage to call him, really.. I don't think he will appreciate that. But I tried to send him a message 3 days ago, and we asked how's everything going for each other, so maybe later I'm thinking to send him another message..

  • I would be happy if it were me lol! Actually I happened :P Just say how you feel I agree with you

    • I already said how I few 2 months ago, but no matter how I said I got over my ex, the thing is, he noticed that I'm still drinking a lot, so he kinda not believe me anymore, that's what I think.

      Now it's been a month already, how should I let him know that i've changed?

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    • If I like. It when I read your comments, he'll love it when you message him! Message him anything. I used to message by girlfriend like this " Fhdhh hdhffj hdgg gsg" Random letters with no meanings lol and she would reply back the the same :) if you can message gym something crazy like this and understand each other then you 2 have no problem

    • Sorrymy autotype made you mad please don't mind!

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  • He won't like it.