How to know when you're genuinely in love?

Sooo there's this guy, we've been speaking for awhile now. Always sending funny videos and in person we can chat for like 3 hours straight. I was talking about him to my friends and it just came outta nowhere when i said, yeah but i love him!
When we're together I get really shy (I am literally shy with no one.. EVER) and he gets a bit 'blushy' too. We've kissed and whatever and he's all I ever think about, and our memories! We wanna go travelling soon and I just wanna spend like forever with him haha. Is this love? Or just? Also I'm not just attracted to his looks, his personality is pretty damn amazing. When we're not I'm never ashamed to be seen with him -he's 1cm shorter than me! Haha but that's cool and I always catch him staring at me and the other way round too haha. Aw man, help!


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  • When it happens.. . U will be blown away.. . Completely.. . U will feel like u r Complete now. There will be a crazy fun and happiness in u and u will be unreasonably happy. When u will see him... Time will almost stop or would wish for so.. so that u could just watch him forever and ever and never be bored... When it happens... U will just know


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