Why do guys lose interest in me so fast?

everytime i talk to a guy they always lose interest in me fast within a week or highest a month. Like i dont understand i have a nice enuff personality so why can't i keep a guy interested in me long term?


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  • Well I used to have the same prob long time back when girls would exhibit so much interest towards me and then the next day they'll forget who I was. I think the answer lies is your words and actions. Do you mention stuff like your exes? or a bad fight with somebody? or do you praise yourself a lot? If yes, stopping these things will immediately change a lot. It worked for me, I think it should work for you too. Though, if you're saying long term, it could be that you haven't asked the guy out or perhaps he isn't sure.
    best of luck anyway!


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  • Probable reasons
    -You dont stop talking
    -You dont show interest in him
    -You talk about your exes
    -You talk about your crushes
    -You talk about the guy who's trying to get a date with you but you dont like him that way
    - You keep praising yourself
    - Or it is the totally opposite of all this and you are a totally shy girl who doesn't talk much and just answer his questions but don't ask him any. Basically you dont take as much effort to continue the conversation as he does.

  • Based on your spelling and your username, I can think of at least a couple reasons right off the bat...

  • You might be boring


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