Why does he think I'm out of his league? What makes you think a girl is out of your league?

Ok, please don't think I'm fishing for compliments or something, I just need to know

I was out last night with a few friends. Me and this one guy were talking for a while when suddenly he was "I know you're way out of my league, but I've been meaning to do this for months" and the gave me a kiss
He was very drunk, I'm not sure he will still remember today, but the thing I've kinda had a crush on him for months as well and it made me wonder, why did he think I was out of his league?

Is it something I do or say?
This is important, because getting dates is hard for me and if I come across as kinda arrogant or something, I need know


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  • maybe it was coz he was drunk so don't worry...

    • They say drunk people speak the truth so figured he meant it at least to some extent

    • i believe it's a rumor... they talk randomly mostly

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  • If the guy was drunk, this could simply be chat to get your attention, otherwise it means that he won't be able to give you what you deserve as far as a boyfriend goes, but as he was drunk, there's little chance of him admitting what he said, x

    • Actually he just texted me, said he wants to talk about last night.

      They say drunk people speak the truth so figured he meant it at least to some extent

    • He may well do so, your only know that by getting straight to the point and asking to explain what he meant, at least this way you have facts and not opinions, good luck, x

  • Actually to some extent i think he thinks you are hot and have a crush maybe afraid due to rejection :/

  • he said it because he really believes it. it might be something you do, say, or simply the way you look. maybe you should walk out of the house with your makeup a little messed up next time and your hair all messy and he will loosen up

    • I know him from school and I come to class without make up loads of time. Or in gym clothes, with a ponytail

    • i was joking on that last part. he thinks you are Beautiful. it's really as simple as that.

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