Getting low end people on POF. Anyone else? Your experiences on other dating sites?

I put up my profile on POF yesterday and I am getting results. Unfortunately, they are all from overweight, tired looking women who look kind of spent. Even those that are in my "my matches" section aren't that great.

Has anyone seen the same or is it just my area? What dating websites have you had better luck with? Contrast the ones that you have used, please.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I found my boyfriend through school. But my dad (51) found a girlfriend on meetme and pof but pof gives you awkward results

    • yes, it is hard to get a good screen. The people it gives me are pretty much the opposite of what I am looking for and you have a hard time controlling who sees your profile. It is too bad you can't tell it to limit to people in your town. You can only in the search that you do manually.

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    • thanks... I think im going to need it... lol.

    • I appreciate the MHO! :)

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What Girls Said 1

  • I use OKCupid, and there are plenty of attractive men and women in my area.

    • maybe I will give that one a shot. Im pretty discouraged with POF. Im getting tired of sending letters to all the very heavy women messaging me that live 75 miles away, that "Fit and athletic living near me" is really what I am looking for...
      Thanks for the info!

What Guys Said 1

  • My dude. I've used every dating site imaginable to man. I too am having some terrible luck and getting 'matched' with women twice my size. I'm 5'8 170, pretty slender guy. I shouldn't be getting paired up with women 200 + lbs! Hahaha!! I honestly have women tell me that I'm attractive enough to be able to get many of women. But it doesn't seem to play out in my favor as well. I don't know what it is. Or what to do myself